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Bumblebee Themed Spring Fashion for Children, Juniors, and Toddlers

Spring apparel for children and toddlers

As spring approaches after a long and cold winter, many of us are wondering about what clothing choices are available for our children.  Spring connotates light, bright colors and feelings of happiness that usher in the warmest season of the year.  It is the time of the year that we transition from wearing heavy thick long-sleeve shirts to short sleeve cotton t-shirts in preparation for the warmer weather.

What types of clothing and apparel are you planning for your kids this spring?  Let us know!


Staying on Track

bee hopeful by beeXpression

Some days are just easier than others to stay focused on goals that we set for ourselves.  No matter how enthused, determined or committed we may be to achieving new goals, it is easy to fall off the New Year’s Resolution wagon.

As we stray from the path, doubt and discouragement sets in.  Old habits begin to creep back because they are more comfortable than the new ‘healthier’ habits we seek.

When I realized my thoughts were creating doubts as opposed to supporting new goals, I stopped for a couple days and regrouped.  I made a list of everything positive about my new journey; what I’ve learned, implemented, experienced including the growth and rewards that came with it.  Have I reached my goals?  Not yet.  But I’m further ahead in so many ways by just realizing the effort and strength it takes to get there. 

Instead of getting discouraged and giving up, I am committed to getting up and continuing on my journey.  I plan to stay on track by heeding my own advice one bee “expression” at a time.  What seems appropriate today may be different tomorrow.  In any case, today is a new day and I’m embracing a bee hopeful attitude.

Wishing you continued success creating and keeping your goals on track.

~ Kim ~

Spreading The Love

bee mine Valentine's Day Gifts by beeXpression

Valentine’s Day – a day for everyone

Ever since I can remember, my folks would spread the love on Valentine’s Day by giving each of us 4 kids a heart-shaped box filled with yummy chocolates.  It was a special treat that made us feel loved and included on a day typically advertised for romance.

As an adult, whether in a relationship or not, I’d invite a group of friends over for a nice, sit down Valentine’s dinner.  I wanted them to feel that February 14th wasn’t exclusively for romantic relationships, but a day to share and spread the love with everyone.  It was a moment when I joyfully witnessed a change in perception and attitude about “Valentine’s Day” among my single friends.

This year I hope we all think outside the box of chocolate and spread the love to those around us.  Think about it, everyone likes to be remembered and feel included.  The beauty is, it is within us to share.

Happy Spreading the Love Day!


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